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Authorized Dometic Remanufacturer News Flash - Changing the cooling unit isn't as difficult as it might appear. There are no special tools required, no welding or solder connections to make, the cooling units simply bolt to the back of the refrigerator. Authorized Norcold Remanufacturer



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Fridge House

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Welcome to Fridge House

We Specialize in Remanufactured Cooling Units for both Dometic and Norcold RV Refrigerators. To order, call us toll-free at 501-208-7414

All Units include a free Lifetime warranty on parts and freight.

At Fridge House, we sell and service ammonia cooling units for Dometic and Norcold RV refrigerators.

The cooling unit business, along with the RV Industry in general, is constantly changing. Now more than ever consumers are replacing the cooling unit in their RV refrigerator with re-manufactured units rather than purchasing a new refrigerator. Some RV dealers tell their customers that RV refrigerators cannot be repaired.

I really don't understand this because, in reality, a service shop can make more profit selling their customer a re-manufactured cooling unit and at the same time save their customer a ton of money. The truth is that they can be reliably repaired. I admit there are a few cooling unit builders that were not properly trained due to crash course schools and this has contributed to the misleading myth that you can’t repair RV refrigerators.

As you browse through our site, you will see for yourself that Fridge House is setting new standards in rebuilt cooling units. The biggest difference in our cooling units is the fact that we replace the entire evaporator section with all new tubing, instead of trying to patch the leaking areas (see our rebuilding process.

We have taken the time to design and test the replacement evaporators and it has been well worth it, we are now able to give a Lifetime warranty on parts and freight. on all of the cooling units we sell. As a result, we have even started selling the replacement evaporators to other ammonia cooling unit re-builders. The best part is that we are able to ship cooling units nationwide so no dealers or do-it-yourselfers are out of our reach. Feel free to contact us anytime if you have questions about re-manufactured cooling units or RV refrigerators in general.